Eat protein everyday and swell those muscles – really??


Once you start weight training, first advice from the trainer will be “EAT PROTEIN” if you want to build that muscle.. up to some point it is true that protein being the building blocks of muscle  it is required in adequate amount for the recovery and build of muscles. But just eating protein without carbohydrates and other essential elements, won’t work.

How body building works??

In order to lift weights we need energy and the source of the energy is CARBOHYDRATES. Now when we start lifting weight, the muscles will go under micro wear and tear, then body will adapt the situation and as a process of recovery, a new micro layer of muscle will be added to it, and if the process continues, the muscle will be denser day after day. In the Males it might bulk up as the testosterone is the driver, while in females, they will lean as oestrogen is the driver there. So it is true that adequate protein is required,, then what can go wrong??

HIGH Protein myth:

People who want to lose fat, are told to build muscle, and in order to do that, they cut off carbs from their diets and switch to high protein intake. Worst case some people replace their meals for protein shake!! Now when body needs energy and carbohydrates are not there, it will convert protein to glucose to be used for energy with the process named gluconeogenesis. Now the result is poor recovery status, since protein is not used for its service business instead used for carbohydrates. And even if the carbs are there,  unlike carbs or fat protein can not be stored in our body, so extra load will be bored by kidneys to excrete this excess protein.

How to Consume protein??

Add milk and milk products, dals, legumes, grains in your daily regimen along with sufficient carbs and other nutrients and have whey protein / soy protein (shake) just after heavy workout. With caution that total amount of protein should not be more than 1.2 g/lb of body weight.