Who are we?

we are team of people – expert from different domains having same passion for health and fitness.

Why are we here?

there are too many misconceptions prevailing in this world, and many of us have been victims of myths and fads, too many different diets, too many exercise routines, so many blogs, magazines, are surrounding us, what to believe, whom to listen? what to avoid? too much confusion!!

we are here to simplify the things, we will help you to figure out the best solution for you. you will find correct and state of the art information about weight (fat) loss, weight gain, endurance, flexibility, diet, supplements etc everything you need to know.

For whom?

This website is for everyone, any age, any weight, any physical challenge or medical condition, we are here to help you. our mission is to provide everyone a simplified way to achieve that fab body of your dream!!

Meet our Writers:

Ami paneri Upadhyay: Msc – Food and Nutrition , aspiring health writer
Nivruti Paneri Vyas : M physio (Neuro) , Certified Aerobics and Yoga trainer.
Ekta Paneri-Gupta: a food fanatic & freelance writer
Nancy Desai: Editor & freelance writer

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