Women should not lift weights – exercise myth

Hello girls! Wake up! Haven’t you heard that Men are from mars and women are from venus?! jokes apart men are blessed with testosterone which pumps up those muscles and women are blessed with estrogen which protects their heart, and THAT fact means a woman will never bulk up until she feeds herself with steroids.

You must have seen the female body builders with physic like men, have you notice their voices are also like men, because in order to bulk up they need to take a hormone named testosterone, which is not naturally available to women like men. A female body has capacity to produce testosterone is much lesser than men.

During maturation, women develop much less muscle mass than men. This means that an untrained woman has fewer muscle cells than an untrained man. This is especially the case for the shoulders and arms. Most if not all muscle growth in an adult occurs through increases in size of existing muscle cells, so the total potential for growth in a woman is less than in a man. That leaves women not be able to grow muscles like men without any stimulant.

A woman’s hips are typically wider than their shoulders, and their skeletal frame cannot hold lots of muscle like their male counterparts.  Because men have wide shoulders their skeleton can support more muscle mass in the upper body.

But that doesn’t mean women should not training with weights! in fact its the opposite.

Women should go for strength training because

  • weight training strengthens not only muscles but connective tissues and promotes joint stability there by reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Increasing muscle mass turns the body into a fat burning machine. And lowers the fat percentage.
  •  Strong muscles and connective tissues promotes stable joints which improves postures hence reducing the risk of postural distortions.
  • Increase in bone density protects the body from osteoporosis.

So girls no more excuses!!  Don’t hold yourself from benefits of strength training.

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