Do 100 crunches a day and flatten your abs ! Really ??

Have you ever asked your body to put on fat on just arms or thighs? Or maybe just on chest? Then how can your body take your wish into consideration while you do crunches to diminish that flab on the tummy?

The most common exercise myth is that we can achieve fat reduction from desired spot like belly or hips or thighs etc. You can find so many sauna belts, ab crunching machine advertisements   on tv and internet, they claim to reduce your belly within some hours!! Same applies to the person who thinks that doing 100 crunches or sit ups everyday can get him/her six pack abs! Or flat tummy! And what to talk about tummy tuck machines; they claim the same, flat tummy in few sessions. There lie so many factors behind fat loss, like diet, hormonal balance, your body’s adaption to exercise etc. And all of them work together to fat loss. The reality is by doing crunches and other core building exercises you might have built up great set of abdominal muscles (your six packs or eight packs) but they won’t be seen unless the fat layer diminished. And to lose that belly fat, burning more calories, putting on great set of muscles, plus healthy nourishing diet is important.

You will be surprised but stress is biggest enemy of fat around mid section. Stress causes inflammation in your body, which can interfere in body homeostasis (mechanism of balance of state). In order to correct it, our body releases the hormone cortisol, which accumulates water in the body that cools down the temperature and the same hormone makes fat to accumulate around belly.  To avoid this, keep your life as stress free as possible. And taking care of small things like taking adequate sleep at night, avoiding outside fried food, and just 20 mins of exercise a day can create wonders to our body.

Conclusion: Dont believe in overdoing exercise, consider your ab muscles similar as your biceps and  hamstrings,  just like them the ab muscles also require rest, so work on them not more than 3 times  a week and combine cardio + balance diet to achieve those magnificent six packs!

2 thoughts on “Do 100 crunches a day and flatten your abs ! Really ??

  1. Dear supriya,

    yes its true, crunches may give you great set of Abs, but till its under the layer of fat, you can not see them. so taking care of diet, managing your stress, and involvement in cardio exercise will give your dream tummy!!

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