No pain no gain – exercise myth

Exercise – If no pain – No gain


Its true that both weight training and cardio vascular exercise usually involve some type of minor discomfort, such as feelings of slight burning or fatigue and moderate to heavy breathing. However, pain is entirely different. If you feel pain when you work out particularly joint pain, then you must be doing something wrong. Stop exercising immediately in such case and consult physician. Pushing through agony can lead serious trouble. If it checks out okay, seek the assistance of a qualified trainer, something is probably wrong with our exercise program or technique.

Many of us think that if you don’t feel pain, you are not working out sufficiently, which is not true. When we start working out specially in the case of resistance training, our muscles gets sore. After the exercise our body repairs it while we take rest and if we continue the exercise with the same intensity, within few instances our body will no longer feel pain, which doesn’t mean that we are not receiving benefit of exercise. It simply means that our body can handle the resistance or say our muscle is strong enough to carry out the load.

exercise is not just about wear and tear but you are gaining  kinaesthetic intelligence, flexibility, endurance, which are important for overall growth and the final result is “fat loss”.

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