Should you weigh yourself everyday??

should you weigh yourself everyday?

In the famous book ‘women and weight loss tamasha’ by Rujuta Diwekar, she has explained a humours incident, once she was asked to weigh herself on three different scales at her gym, (this is common practice to minimize calibration errors), and when she stepped from one to another, the scale showed number 500 g less than the first one,, with exhilaration she said “wow I lost 500 g without doing anything in just 5 mins!!”

This example says a lot , this numbers of weight alone can never be barometer of your fitness. Lets see this in detail. Weight of our body is majorly contributed by water – almost 60% of it.  And its level gets changing continuously, be it alcohol consumption, late nights, hormonal changes, or simply overdose of salt and dehydration too.  so it can be increased one day and would be normal the other day.  So can this be considered as a fitness parameter?? Does it give any indication about your health??

In some gyms there are practise to keep check before weight and after weight, this is entirely rubbish, for example one person has before weight x kgs, now he is working out for say 45 mins on tredmill, now he is full of sweat , he has lost some weight , about 200 g, now when he drinks 2-3 glass of water or sports drink, his weight is increased, so do you think he has gained fat?? Not really, in fact he might have lost some, but can our scale determine it?? No!! So weighing this way is big NO NO, its just waste of time.

So what is solution?? Should we throw out our scale entirely??

Here we will advice you to apply your common sense weigh yourself not more than once a week or so .  And don’t panic if your weight is not dropped after rigorous sessions of workout,, you might have gained lean body mass, which will eventually help in losing fat faster.

You can keep check on fat by measuring yourself with tape or skinfold calliper. BIA machines can also help if you check on the same machine in similar conditions (like same cloths, same meals time etc). And if the size is dropped with or without change in weight, be happy you are on right track!!

Stay happy!! Stay healthy!!



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