Top Exercise Myths Part -2

Lets continue our discussion about exercise myths

Stretching is waste of time.. Whether warm up or cool down.

It is important to increase the body temperature before starting any exercise and light movements or say stretching can serve the purpose, it prevents our body from injuries. Same applies to cool down.

If i exercise i can eat whatever i want.

Will you pour petrol in your disel car just because the car has very good fuel efficiency?? The same applies to our body, yes exercise improves the fat metabolism , meaning with exercise your body can assimilate the food better, but that doesn’t mean that you can feed yourself with wrong type of food.

Use fitness gadgets and lose all the fat.

Turn on the shopping channels on TV and find the ‘Sauna belt’, or not yet heard about ‘morning walker’? or top of all the ‘magnetic earrings’ which even cant be considered as fitness gadget. What does they do? Just make your pant pockets lighter, not your adipose pockets aka fat.

Cheers! Your cardio machine is counting the calories you are burning.

Compare the calories burned on cardio machines, just for example a girl weighing 60 kgs and another weighing 70 kgs, both will run on tredmil on same speed, for same time and the tredmil will show the same calories , but the girl weighing high will definitely be burning more calories.  So how would you determine the absolute calories burned by you??

Heart rate monitors will let you know how hard your heart is working.

Again one more expensive gadget, that shows how fast your heart is beating, which can easily done by talk test. If you can sing while you are exercising then you are not hitting enough. And opposite to that if you cant speak a single word and breath shortly then you might be over doing it. The correct measure is while you can talk but with slight difficulty.

Weight is ultimate barometer of fitness so keep the check everyday!

As we know 60% of our body is composed of water. and this water weight is the part of total body weight. This water level can change everyday and in fact it does. So checking weight can never become your mirror of fitness.

Eat all the protein on the earth and swell those biceps!

Protein is a building block of our body, but it can do it works only when your base diet is in place. That means if you provide carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals then only protein can do repair works and makes your muscle stronger, but in order to lose the fat, if you deprive of carbohydrates then protein will be broken up to used as energy and not for repair works. So take your protein, but with the balance base diet.

I think we have covered major concerns related to workout. And it yields that don’t believe on such myths and believe on common sense. Eat healthy diet, workout regularly and see yourself fit forever.

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