Top Exercise myths

Here is the Scenario – we want to exercise or we have started already but confused about it?? what should we do – Weights or cardio? Floor exercise or machines? This diet or that diet? There will be 100 people giving you 1000 advices plus TV ads, magazines , online know-it-all blogs, etc. It can create utter chaos in mind. There are so many things that might prevent us from beginning an exercise schedule, some of them being about food and some related to workouts. These misunderstandings may lead to injuries or sometimes it prevents us from getting advantages of effective routines, listed below is the major myths. Lets take a look at those..

Do 100 crunches everyday and reduce belly fat instantly !!

Have you ever asked your body to put on fat on just arms or thighs? Or may be just on chest? Then how can your body take your wish into consideration while you do crunches to diminish that flab on the tummy.

Running on treadmill puts less stress on your knees than running on roads (concrete or pavement).

Any exercise that involves jumping action like running, jogging, skipping puts pressure on weight bearing joints like knees, lower back, ankle etc, Whether being on treadmill or road, garden or beach. So run or jump but with caution.

Machines are safer way to exercise.

if its a battle between floor exercises v/s machines then both have their own advantages over the other, for example self weight exercises like floor exercises can improve on our mind and body co ordination. And on the other hand machine limits your movements, and with wrong posture it can cause bad injuries.

The famous: “no pain, no gain”.

Its absolutely rubbish to think that if you dont feel pain, you are not working out sufficiently. Cause exercise is not just about wear and tear which contributes to pain, but many aspects like kinaesthetic intelligence, flexibility, endurance, are also important.

Exercise for at least 5 days a week or it’s a wasting of time

The important word here is regularly not daily.

Yoga is completely gentle and safe.

Dont do it under expert or you might end up with back pain , headaches and not to mention – sinus issues.

Women – never go for strength training, it will bulk you up.

Hello girls! Wake up! Dont you heard that Men are from mars and women are from venus.. jokes apart men are blessed with testosterones which pumps up those muscles and women are blessed with estrogens which protects their heart, but will never bulk her up until she feeds herself with steroids.

Home workouts are good but hitting gym is the best way to fat loss!

Again the important is to workout regularly, being at home or gym. And its proven that those who exercise at home are able to stick to it.

more on Exercise Myths in next article! please keep watching this space.

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