The ABC’s of Exercise

It is may be today’s fashion – to wear fancy sportswear and hit the gym with branded  shoes!! But working out to keep fit is there since ages! Look back at the 400 B.C.E. , the greek physician Hippocrates (known as father of medicine) mentioned it in one of his works as “Eating alone will not keep a man well he must also take exercise” its like same thought in different centuries! And much more years before Hippocrates, our Rishi munis have shown us the way to better health, improved physical conditioning and increased longevity by given us heritage of “Yoga”.

So lets start with …

what is exercise??

Exercise is formally defined as physical activity that is planned, structured and repetitive with the objective of improving or maintaining a level of physical fitness”. Walking is one of the simplest form of exercise and best in its own – only when it is done seriously with the aim of “WALKING”. Those leisurely walk with friend gossiping over politics or bollywood can never help you to shed the fat!!

Why bother exercising??

Simply because ..

  • exercise makes you feel energetic and invigorated.
  • It helps prevent osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.
  • It increases your balance, co-ordination, and agility.
  • It strengthens your bones and muscles, giving you the functional strength for everyday living.
  • It makes you look better and keeps you in shape, do exercise and invite those six pack abs.
  • Exercise releases some hormones like endorphins which makes you feel good, improves self esteem and provides more positive and mental outlook.

Overall it makes you feel better not just physically but mentally too!!
So what are you waiting for – start exercising today!

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